Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV)

Autonomous Underwater Vehicle

The OFG team includes the world’s top expertise in the design and operation of autonomous underwater
vehicles (AUV).

The AUV-related technical capabilities include:
• AUV mission planning and execution.
• AUV systems and subsystem design, manufacture, and testing.
• Field maintenance and support of AUV operations including preventive and corrective maintenance as well as
sparing philosophies based on years of operational track record.
• AUV launch and recovery equipment and procedures to ensure maximum operational availability with
minimum equipment and personnel risk.
• OFG’s 3000m rated HUGIN AUV is advantaged by being equipped with HiSAS, synthetic aperture
sonar that produces astonishing resolution imagery and bathymetry over the entire swathe width of the
sonar and equipped with auto pipeline tracking system.
• Furthermore, OFG have access to a few more AUV’s around the world to cater client needs.

AUV applications: –

• Route and Site Surveys
• Mineral Exploration
• Pipeline Inspection
• Decommissioning Survey
• Seafloor Search
• Ocean Floor Classification