Company Visions

What Future We Envision

We believe in having a trustworthy and transparent agent representing international companies in Malaysia and Asia Pacific. The key is to overcome the challenges between Western and Eastern business culture. We want to be the partner of choice. Avoiding payment delays, having strict compliance with corporate governance, profound work ethics and to develop technically sound sales representatives that understands the products that our principles are offering. This will ensure that our principles are confident in what we do and how we carry out the business.

Our goal in Salcon Petroleum Services, is to develop local Malaysian expertise and know-how for all the services we offer. We aim to achieve this by hiring talented Malaysians and let them be trained and certified on products and services that our principals and partners from overseas are offering. New technology is constantly being developed around the world, and we in SPS are lucky enough to represent many of these foreign companies with new technology-solutions for the Oil & Gas industry. Not only do we aim to develop local personal know-how, but we also strive to achieve local manufacturing and fabrication capabilities of the products we represent. We can do this by investing in local plant and machinery and to hire qualified local personnel to ensure that the required standards and quality of our principals’ products are achieved.

As a Norwegian living in Malaysia for more than 10 years and being the CEO of SPS, one of my strong visions for the company, is to team up with new and existing technology companies to our HQ in Malaysia and help them successfully enter the Malaysia and Asia Pacific Oil & Gas market. Being centrally located in Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia, we are situated in the heart of SE-Asia and have great access to all countries in Asia Pacific.

Having brought in several foreign companies to Malaysia and been in charge of opening the Asia Pacific market, we know what it takes both legally and sales-vise to be successful in growing the business in this region.  As the CEO of SPS, I would like to share this experience with our principals and make sure they are off to a good start by working with us.



Thomas A. Sjøberg