Dimensional Control

For most structures Anko Bluepix can develop a survey solution, prepare and evaluate procedures and provide as-built verification survey.

Dimensional Control is 3D measurements performed by means of different devices like Totalstations, Lasers etc. The intention is to obtain true As-built dimensions and get these properly documented. In order to obtain this goal Ankobluepix use survey methods adapted to the task with respect to stated tolerances, accessibility, surroundings etc. In general, all items like vessels, rigs, helicopters, buildings and offshore structures can be measured. Typical situations are interface during assembly of structures as well as detailed dimensions. Any construction failure or inaccuracy of calculations due to lack of dimensional control can have significant impact on time and cost for the project. Therefore, any error need to be revealed and corrected in due time.

Anko Bluepix has the skills to meet these challenges utilizing well trained personnel using state of the art survey equipment and well proven 3D software.