Drilling Simulator

wellSim™ is the simulator family for engineering and training of all well engineering disciplines. By improving insight and understanding of dynamic well behavior, it has the potential to change the ways you plan and drill your complex wells.

wellSim™ utilizes the most advanced downhole simulator, Intellectus™, including dynamic ROP model and coupled Flow and Torque/Drag model. It models the time development of the operations and takes into account dynamic effects like inertia, acceleration and retardation, effects of temperature and pressure changes on the downhole process, etc. A Reservoir model is embedded in the multi-phase hydraulic model for realistic influx behavior. The simulator models dissolved and free-gas realistic during a killing operation. The torque & drag model includes an ROP model for realistic ROP related to WOB based on formation properties.

wellSim™ can be delivered with alternative front ends

  • wellSim™ hiDRILL – VR (Virtual Reality) topside simulator for rig floor team collaboration training
  • wellSim™ Interact – Desktop control of generic drilling parameters
  • wellSim™ Third Party – the wellSim™ API enables interface to any third party top side drilling simulator


  • Reduce NPT by better planning, improved risk management and better operational decision support
  • Distributed decision support: Move problems in operation to simulator to explore alternatives
  • Share simulations across distributed teams and disciplines
  • Manage risk both in planning and operation
  • High-fidelity dynamic feedback from the well, responding in real time on interactive user input
  • Unparalleled insight and understanding of well behavior
  • Utilizes the “Virtual well” concept, where wells and simulation states can be transferred between eDrilling applications to cover the full well delivery life cycle (planning, operation, after action review, etc.)
  • Continuous development built on state-of-the art published research from Sintef Petroleum Research


  • Interactive ROP model
  • Coupled Flow and Torque/Drag model
  • 3D Visualization with risk/info messages, proximity wells, formations, etc.
  • Malfunctions, kicks and losses in scenarios
  • Model state handling enables transfer of simulation states between the eDrilling applications (“move state and data from drilling operation to onshore simulator to explore alternatives”)
  • Cross-application configuration enables transfer of virtual wells between the eDrilling applications
  • Simulation speed up to 10 times real time


  • Drilling
  • Tripping with dynamic surge & swab
  • Stripping operations
  • Well Control
  • Multi fluid operations
  • Deep Water Drilling
  • High Pressure – High Temperature, HPHT
  • Fingerprinting in Deep Water & HPHT wells
  • Extended Reach Drilling, ERD
  • Managed Pressure Drilling, MPD
  • Dual Gradient Drilling DGD
  • Pressurized Mud Cap Drilling
  • Coil Tubing Drilling CTD