Fault Seal Analysis

T7 : Advanced seismic structural interpretation, validation & QC, fault seal & reactivation risking, framework & cellular model-building, transmissibility modelling, geomechanical fracture prediction.

OCTek : Crustal thickness and basement heat-flow models & reports to assist in exploration of rifted continental margins.

Training : Acclaimed practical courses in interpretation, structural geology and software usage.

Consultancy : From reservoir to basin scale, across the E&P life cycle our portfolio has pedigree of more than 30 years.


T7, the successor to TrapTester, is an intuitive 3D workspace in which to accurately interpret, validate, model, build and analyse from air-tight framework to fault seal, stress and fracture prediction. T7 offers the ability to create and translate your robust geological model into a truly representative cellular grid, enabling population and analysis of Earth Models using some of the most advanced grid-based tools in the market.