Offshore Personnel Tracking

Offshore Personnel Tracking System

The Vissim Offshore Personnel Tracking System is an integrated part of a solution for Vessel Traffic Management on Offshore Wind farms. The system consists of various interfacing software & hardware modules. Vissim designed the system for marine coordinators by providing a real time overview of personnel whereabouts which is vital during Emergency Situations & Search And Rescue.

Information regarding any person located offshore is presented in the graphical form on the operator screen using the Traffic Display software. This information is presented together with an overview of the wind farm layout, including graphical progress of the wind farm construction/status as well as real time locations of all maritime traffic in the area.

Personnel Tracking Unit

The Offshore Personnel Tracking System is utilizing AIS or other pre-installed maritime communications onboard a support vessel to transmit information regarding which people are boarding a vessel or disembarking in a specific location such as an offshore wind turbine, Sub-Station or Installation vessel.


All project personnel that are registered within our web-based database will receive an personalized RFID-Card. When personnel board or disembark a vessel, then the RFID-Card is “swiped” or “registered” to automatically (de-)muster themselves with a vessel or location.

Web-Based Personnel Registration Database

The Web-Based Personnel Registration Database allows project personnel to register their personal details with a project and upload relevant certificates. Ones registered, personnel will obtain their personalized project RFID-Card that will be utilized for People Tracking.