Oil Spill Detection System

Oil Spill Detection

The product
The Oil Spill Detection module is based on raw video from commercial X-band radars, independent of the make. Preferable antenna size is 6ft or above.We started research in Oil spill detection and sea clutter analysis based on standard marine radars in 2002. The first development was a module for operator assisted oil spill detection. Then we developed a fully automatic solution, which will run as a “background” application in our VTS installations monitoring oil spills around oil platforms, in ports and along coast lines providing an early warning of possible oil spills for VTS operators. Later Oil Spills Detector program was extended with Wave Parameters Measurement module based on sea clutter analysis in X-band marine radar. This module can provide possible oil slicks detection and wave parameters measurement.

In order to detect targets in such environments Vissim has developed an extensive library of pattern recognition and parameters analysis algorithms for studying of sea clutter.

The technology we are using for acquisition of radar signals allows us to perform several types of processing based on the same radar, e.g. tracking targets for VTS purpose, detecting Oil Spills and calculating wave parameters.