Our Partners


Vissim offer products and support for integrated marine and offshore operations. They supply VTS, surveillance and asset protection systems, and voice communication. Their solutions is delivered to more than 220 customer projects in 27 countries and our international experience makes Vissim well positioned to serve customers anywhere in the world. By combining advanced technology seamlessly integrated in one single information system they provide you full visibility and control over any inshore or offshore area for specific business areas. Seamless solutions to manage integrated marine and offshore operations.



Miros is a technology company which specializes in measuring the ocean surface. The company provides sensors and systems for environmental monitoring to the global offshore and maritime industry. Miros’ portfolio of sensors provides accurate, real-time data for weather sensitive operations offshore as well as input to asset integrity systems and coastal monitoring. The primary applications of Miros sensors include wave and currents and oil spill detection. Miros has been a trusted provider of reliable wave and current measurements to some of the world’s largest ship owners, operators and oil companies for more than 30 years. It is a technology company at heart, driven by innovation and a strong will to succeed together with customers.


Future On

FutureOn is a PaaS digital technology firm supporting energy companies’​ subsea field development projects through the use of our cloud-based platform, FieldTwin. By implementing FieldTwin within workflows, we’re enabling the Digital Twin of the subsea field to digitize project data, visualize digital subsea field installations, and enable global team collaboration. Since its founding, FutureOn has built a reputation for developing innovative, collaborative, and cost-saving technology solutions.  Currently many of the world’s largest Operators, EPCs, and Marine Installation companies globally have made FieldTwin and its suite of applications an integral part of their workflows.



Badleys is known internationally as a provider of innovative software to the oil and gas business since the 1980s. Their range of products span the exploration to production workflow and are the benchmark of good practice across the industry. Their consultancy services are delivered by a team of world-leading geoscientists. They offer a broad portfolio of public and corporate training courses. All courses are aimed at optimizing the benefits of modern interpretation and structural analysis techniques.



Silixa’s industry leading distributed acoustic and distributed temperature sensing technologies form the basis for a suite of data acquisition services directed towards key measurement challenges in the upstream oil and gas industry. They provide best in class data quality and answer products complimented by premier engineering solutions and system installation capabilities.



Based on the knowledge gained from over 500 global drilling operations, AGR has harnessed this experience to develop software for applications within the oil and gas industry. Systems are applied in-house and are continuously developed on the feedback from its end-users. The outcome? Tried, tested and trusted software tools, improving decision making and providing tangible results for our clients.


Delft Inversion

Delft Inversion is a technology vendor specialised in seismic reservoir characterisation. The company was established in 2012 and by today its proprietary WEB-AVO inversion technology has successfully added value to subsurface projects in 25+ geological plays around the globe. Delft Inversion provides the next-generation seismic inversion technology to de-risk and optimise hydrocarbon exploration and field development projects while having impact on the production of assets through its time-lapse products.



Atlas Professionals is an international leading recruitment company. Since 1982, Atlas has played a major role in the provision of professionals to the energy, marine and renewables industries worldwide. If quality and reliability are key for your business, Atlas Professionals is the partner you need to deliver highly qualified personnel. They create custom-made, comprehensive HR packages, which allows you to focus on the project without any concerns about manpower.



eDrilling is a world leading provider of drilling and well performance solutions that helps E&P companies, operators, and service companies to save cost, improve safety, and increase efficiency of drilling operations.



ExproSoft is a software company increasing well uptime for oil & gas operators. They deliver solutions that allow the operators to understand the failures and risk of well equipment, and use this knowledge to reduce intervention cost and increase production throughout the wells’ life cycle.



Through innovation we deliver scalable software and high-value services for reservoir modelling and reservoir management, efficiently integrating static and dynamic data in repeatable modelling workflows.



Safran provides the world’s only project management software for planning & scheduling, risk management & schedule & cost variance reporting from a single & easy-to-deploy application for project- & asset-intensive industries; enabling Safran clients to easily manage & control some of the world’s most complex projects in the oil & gas, engineering & construction, aerospace & defence and public sectors.



Perpilion is a subsidiary of K2 Technology. With more than a decade of cumulated experience across industries and geographies, Perpilion has established itself as the trusted and leading provider of Asset Management Services, including Maintenance and Reliability, Supply Chain and Operations Support.



The Headwave software is a high-performance geoscience solution. Unlike virtually every other commercial offering, Headwave is perfect for prospecting and de-risking using all available data from geology to geophysics to engineering. It provides next-generation capabilities in seismic data compression, real-time visualization, interpretation and even the analysis of datasets as big as 100TB and beyond.


Ocean Floor Geophysics

OFG applies and adapts state-of-the-art geophysical technology beyond the traditional marine acoustic and seismic methods. They provide data acquisition and analysis services that were previously unavailable by combining specialized expertise in subsea operations, sensor design and sensor integration with geophysical technologies beyond the scope of traditional marine geophysical surveys. Using magnetic, EM, CSEM/MT, VCS, gravity, chemical, and hydrographic sensors and systems deployed on ROVs, AUVs and deep tow systems OFG helps you acquire and interpret data in challenging subsea environments.



Logit is a cloud-based tool for incident management, that enables simple and effective communication and logging during the incident. Also ideal for digitizing and managing your operations like: daily inspections, security patrolling, events, and emergency management. It can mobilize your organization instantly with notifications by SMS, Mobile APP, and Email.



Mobydo delivers mobile and web based Risk and Data management tools, developed by domain experts to optimize work processes and increase operational efficiency.  SMART Permit is an easy-to-use, web based permit administration and risk management system developed according to best practice of the industry. The permit system is a license based software solution. Easy to implement, no investments, no local installations. Works on tablets, smartphones and desktop computers.


BowTie Pro

BowTie Pro™ is a modern, fast and easy to use tool that enables you to create bowtie diagrams. BowTie Pro™ applies the latest concepts in risk management to the widely accepted and proven bowtie methodology.  The bowtie diagram provides a powerful graphical representation of the risk assessment process which is readily understood by the ‘non-specialist’. We are leading the development of bowtie software and methodology


The EasyCopy Company

The EasyCopy Company has been providing graphics solutions for the E&P for more than 30 years. As geologist, geophysicist, sedimentologist… your graphics needs are very specialized and standard tools limited and time consuming. EasyCopy provides graphics tools that are exactly “right” for your need. Handle your seismic CGM, long PDF and TIFF logs, edit and manipulate CGM, EMF, PDF´s, stitch multi-page PDF´s, create montage-presentations with large maps, publish as PDF, plot to your large format devices and log printers without limitations. Your needs for Digital Core Descriptions are essential and with EasyCore you get an easy to use and easy to set up solution, that is customizable and very flexible, add templates, layouts or modify on the fly. EasyCore is allowing you to import and export depth registered data matching your requirements. From reports, montages, and presentations to core descriptions. We have what you need and can help you get there.