Personnel Resource Management Software



Promineo is a commercial off-the-shelf software (COTS) designed to help project organizations achieve better personnel resource utilization, higher productivity and increase profits. By supporting existing work processes Promineo ensures that organizations maintain control of personnel resources at all times, and are able to incorporate future outlook into resource management. The software incorporates over 15 years of learning and experience. The software incorporates over 15 years of learning and experience.

Industries Served
Promineo is being used by leading project organizations, who benefit from it both during periods of growth and downsizing. Software for increasing personnel utilization and profits.

Key Features

Easy to Use
When data quality is of high importance, it is critical that tools used to input and maintan the data are fit for the task, and as easy and intuitive to use as possible. One of Promineo’s key features is it’s ease of use. Promineo provides a modern and intuitive user experience designed for ease of use. All key actions are just one click away.

Data Becomes Information
Converting data into easy to understand, easy to read, actionable information is a key feature of Promineo. By providing users with an information rich user interface that uses colors to highlight items and to direct the users attention, Promineo helps users make better decisions.

Group and Filter
The modern user interface of Promineo gives users access to powerful features that enable the user to easily filter through information and group information in the way that is relevant at any given time. The settings of each filtered and grouped view can be saved as a layout for future reference, and to speed up different tasks.

Real Time Analysis
Promineo comes with a powerful built-in Business Intelligence tool, allowing organizations to perform effective real- time analyses, run What-If scenarios and get accurate information for strategic decision making.