Safety Leadership Programs


Safety Leadership:

Positive HSE provides Safety Leadership training for all levels of your  organization. Our versatile programs are designed to deliver a customized experience that gives your leaders the knowledge and confidence  to develop and implement safe work practices tailored to your company.  We stress the need for compassion as well as comprehension of HSE  practices, and help company leaders create a pathway for employees at  all levels to follow. Your leaders will actively engage in industry scenarios and evaluate practices such as “working smarter, not harder” and  “safety preparation” in effort to create a company culture that supports a  healthy, safe  work environment.

  • Reducing personal and work related levels of acceptable risk
  • Decrease probability of injury
  • Recognition, identification, and reduction of safety hazards by understanding risk tolerance
  • Understanding the principles of BBS
  • Shared responsibility top to bottom, bottom to top
  • Positive Consequences