Vessel Sensor

Anko Bluepix offers calibration and verification of motion, position and heading sensors. Calibration may be performed on vessels, subsea structures, rigs and ROVs offshore and onshore. Anko Bluepix can perform this job worldwide.


To get the most out of your equipment and to make sure it works correctly it should be calibrated to detect potential errors or misalignments.  Independent calibration is also essential for equipment mounted on subsea structures for use during installation. Anko Bluepix perform both static and dynamic calibrations using 4-antenna systems and well proven software. With this combination we can calibrate heading, pitch and roll at the same time. Anko Bluepix can perform calibrations worldwide, offshore and onshore, independent of any national grid. Results are delivered on site shortly after calibration.


By means of state of the art equipment, software and reference points established on quay side we can supply our clients with position for all antennas onboard. Anko Bluepix and the vessels navigation system log simultaneously over a given period of time. Anko Bluepix can perform DGPS Health Check worldwide and deliver the results on site shortly after calibration.