Bowtie Software/Consultancy

BowTie Pro™ is a technically advanced yet easy to use tool to facilitate the creation of risk assessments. The bowtie diagram is a powerful visual presentation of the risk assessment process that is readily understood by the non-specialist. The “knot” is the event we want to stop happening. To the left is what could cause the event to occur, i.e. threats, and their preventative controls (fault tree). The right contains details of the potential consequences and the mitigating controls (event tree). Bowties can be used for assessing any type of risk, e.g. environmental, safety, business, political, security, etc.

To produce a bowtie diagram, simply define the:

• Event/Hazard to be prevented
• Threats that could cause the event to occur
• Consequences of the event occurring
• Controls to prevent the event occurring
• Controls to mitigate against the consequence

The information is generally obtained through structured brainstorming sessions with small groups. The ease of use of BowTie Pro™ permits the bowtie to be created and edited during the session with the group,either into the diagrams or into the Risk Profiler, which is very similar to a hazard register that can be edited on the screen.The visual presentation permits both effective communication and review by others not involved in the original assessment. Assessments can be readily reviewed and updated at any time. BowTie Pro™ has its own customizable risk assessment matrices. It also has the facility to record key management information on each control, e.g. the tasks, who is responsible, reference documents, verification of control integrity, etc.Once entered, this information is retrievable either on screen, or through user friendly standard reports.The information is used for communicating.

Key features of BowTie Pro™

• Powerful visual graphical user interface
• Fast, versatile and easy to use
• Complete with standard reports, and visual outputs
• Facilitates the systematic development of the Bowties
• Produces HSE critical tasks listings including the roles and responsibilities
• Allows entry of data directly into the hazard register
• Fully portable can be used on network or stand alone PC
• Permits editing and updating of assessments
• Full customisation of the Risk Matrix as to its size, categories, colours and definitions
• Allows the documentation of all shortfalls identified in the risk assessment process
• Facilitates a continuous improvement process
• Diagram Filters
• Quality Checks
• Tailored Diagrams
• Dual language; the bowtie diagram can easily be produced in two languages simultaneously
• Full spell checking facility
• Large number of analysis modules

Benefits of BowTie Pro™

• Facilitates systematic and consistent yet flexi-ble analysis of business risks
• Rapid storage and retrieval of risk information
• Produces reports in format to suit specific user needs
• Valuable aide in communicating and under-standing of an organisation’s risk control frame-works
• Aids the training of staff in the risk manage-ment process and explaining their individual roles and responsibilities
• Aids any audit purposes
• Change control process to assist in assessing the consequence of organisational or procedur-al changes
• Demonstrating effective management of risk to shareholders, other stakeholders and regulators
• Enhances overall business effectiveness