Reservoir History Matching & Modelling

ResX allows asset teams to embrace uncertainties in the reservoir modelling and history matching process, and this is  the key to improve reservoir management decisions.

ResX is the industry’s first commercially available software grounded in ensemble based methods, where the full range of geologically consistent reservoir models are history matched and used as basis for production forecasts. By continuous data conditioning between static and dynamic data, ResX dramatically increases the team’s efficiency. ResX provides reliable reservoir models, in time for your reservoir management decisions. An automated workflow, using ResX, makes the reservoir modelling and history matching process repeatable and greatly simplifies the process of updating models as new data arrives.

  Get reliable reservoir models in time for your key decisions

Incorporation of geological uncertainty: Full range of realizations is included in the history match, capturing the geological uncertainty.

Avoid anchoring to a single base case: The full range of models with different static and dynamic characteristics, covering the full range of uncertainty, are prepared for history matching.


  • Carries the full-range of geological realizations throughout the history matching process
  • Quantifies uncertainty in predictions based on full range of matched models
  • Low computational cost for large and complex models (# simulation runs)
  • Full scaling to geomodel resolution
  • Honors the geological concepts and prior interpretation
  • Provides an excellent quality of history match resulting in more accUrate forecast
  • Integrates with Petrel*, ECLIPSE* and INTERSECT** Mark of Schlumberger