Subsea Photogrammetry


A variation of Close Range Photogrammetry, developed for use under water at any depth rating. Metrology methods and equipment have been designed uniquely for this purpose.

Subsea Photogrammetry Metrology can be applied to a large variety of projects like:

  • Spool Metrology
  • Dimensions of small and large structures
  • Geometry of Jacket nodes and legs
  • Pile survey
  • Guides and miniposts
  • Dents and other damages
  • Straightness, flatness and alignment surveys

Our personnel have long experience in Close Range and Subsea Photogrammetry operations.Subsea metrology using Close Range Photogrammetry and developed for achieving accurate dimensions under water. Procedures and equipment have been designed uniquely to ensure easy subsea handling and reduce vessel time to a minimum, without compromising safety and accuracy. The method can be used at any depth.