Wave Monitoring & Radar System


Miros is a world leader in remote wave monitoring. Based on microwave radar technology, Miros offers three different products for wave measurements:

The Miros SM-050 Wave and Current Radar is a purpose-built pulse-Doppler Radar system, designed for real-time measurement of directional ocean waves and surface current. SM-050 is available for onshore locations, for fixed and floating platforms, FPSOs or vessels on location.
The WAVEX utilizes the back scattered sea clutter images from marine X-band radars to provide directional wave and surface current data using advanced algorithms. In addition to areas of use mentioned for the SM-050, it is especially suited for ships in transit at any speed. The Miros SM-094 Range Finder is an accurate sensor for measuring distance to water. It is well suited for non-directional wave measure-ments. It is supplied with a software package, providing non-directional wave spectrum and wave parameters.

We have 6 different systems with different characteristics for various use and users. By using remote sensing the user avoid the hassle of having equipment in the water, and – for some of our sensors – have the advantage of measuring the sea at a distance. Remote sensing is also the best way of wave measurements from vessels in transit.

All our wave sensors are suitable for marine use, however depending upon the type of functionality required by the user, all 6 systems have their specific advantages.

The WaveSystem 200 is a wave monitoring system utilized on moving platforms or vessels to give directional wave parameters, surface current parameters and draught data. The system includes a motion reference unit (MRU) to compensate for any vessel or platform motion.

The WaveSystem 100 is a wave monitoring product with the same functionalityas WaveSystem 200, designed for fixed installations and does not uncorporate a motion reference unit (MRU).

The WaveFinder shipboard wave monitoring system provides accurate non-directional wave parameters. A motion reference unit (MRU) is used to compensate for vessel motion. The system is DNV-certified for α-factor calculations and can therefore be used in reducing required safety margins and thus increasing operating windows.

For ships in transit travelling at speeds above approx. 5 knots and especially for high speed vessels the Wavex system is the best sensor. Utilizing a standard Navigation X-Band radar, Wavex provides both wave and current monitoring based on the reflected energy from the sea.

For directional averaged wave and surface current data measured at a distance either the SM-050 Wave and Current Radar can be used successfully for vessels or mobile units operating on a location or travelling at a low speed, less than approx. 5 knots.

Non direction wave measurements may be obtained from stationary platforms by the vertical measuring SM-140 Range Finder which optionally may be connected to a heave sensor for use on floating structures. The microwave frequency chosen for this sensor provides excellent penetration trough heavy precipitation and sea spray.